CDFAM 23 Presentations Now Available

Video and Audio of all Presentations from CDFAM 23
Giving everyone access to CDFAM presentations.

For those who had the opportunity to join us in person, these recordings provide a valuable opportunity to revisit the wealth of knowledge shared during the event.

For those who were unable to attend, these recordings provide an excellent chance to catch up on the leading-edge discussions and insights that were presented and turn up the FOMO.

We are excited to be able to share this amazing information with everyone!

The CDFAM Symposium brought together a broad array of experts in the field of computational design and additive manufacturing. From renowned academics to industry innovators, over 30 speakers shared their insights, experiences, and visions for the future. Topics ranged from physics-driven generative design and AI in engineering to the exploration of digital materials and the application of computer vision in the realm of synthetic data. The depth and breadth of content make these recordings a valuable resource for anyone working in or studying these fields.

The recordings are available in both video and audio formats.

The video recordings can be accessed through our dedicated CDFAM YouTube channel, allowing you to visually engage with the presentations. In addition, for those who prefer to listen on-the-go, we have converted the sessions into podcast episodes, which can be found on popular podcast platforms, and Spotify.

Visit the CDFAM archive page to access all presentations.

We encourage you to take advantage of these resources and to share them with colleagues who may also benefit from the wealth of information they contain.

As always, we appreciate your continued support and engagement with the CDFAM Computational Design (+DfAM) Symposium.

While these recordings are a great resource for learning and inspiration, they do not fully substitute for the valuable in-person experience of the symposium.

Attending the CDFAM Symposium offers not only the latest knowledge but also the unique opportunity for networking with industry peers, academicians, and innovators. It’s the dynamic exchanges, chance conversations, and community building that often spark the most profound insights and enduring friendships.

As we start to plan the next edition of the CDFAM Computational Design (+DfAM) Symposium. We hope you will join us next year to contribute to and benefit from the lively exchanges of ideas and the unique community that are the true core of this event in person.

Ge sure to register to be kept up to date and informed of upcoming events.

Thanks again to the support of all of our sponsors that made CDFAM such a great success.

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