Computational Design Symposium

Berlin, May 7-8 2024

AXICA Convention Center : Pariser Platz 3

Where: AXICA, Berlin, Germany
When: May 7-8, 2024
Registration: Early Bird Tickets available now

Speakers include experts from NASA, Arup, Carbon, DTU, University of Bristol, Royal Haskoning DHV, New Balance, Cognitive Design Systems, nTop, Synera and more.

In 2024 the agenda for CDFAM is structured to cover the interdisciplinary nature of computational design. The event is organized around two foundational frameworks: ‘Scales of Design’ and ‘Dimensions of Execution.’

Scales of Design:
Dimensions of Execution:

Through these frameworks, attendees will gain insights into how computational design principles and methodologies traverse across different scales and various execution contexts.

CDFAM 23 Opening Keynote

Onur Yüce Gun – Design Computation Human

CDFAM 23 Closing Keynote

Prof. Neil Gershenfeld – Roadmap to Replicators

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