CDFAM Computational Design (+DfAM) Symposium Schedule

As we are now a little over two months away from the first CDFAM Computational Design (+DfAM) Symposium in NYC, we are excited to announce that we have secured a full schedule for the two-day event. 

Register now to join the symposium that brings together leading engineers, academics, and software developers in the fields of computational design, advanced manufacturing, workforce development, and AI.

The two days are broken down into major themes, featuring expert speakers and presentations.

Day 1 – Wednesday June 14th
  • Opening Keynote by Onur Yuce Gun of New Balance on ‘Design Computation Human.’
  • Variations on a Theme – Presentations exploring the complexities of designing systems to create products for configuration, customization, and customer-specific medical applications.
  • Mass in Space – Exploring themes of lightweighting and design optimization, through topology optimization, metamaterials, and material-defining toolpath strategies.
  • Tools of Discovery & Optimization – Software that uses generative algorithms, simulation, and AI to explore and optimize engineering solutions for advanced applications.
  • Collaborating with Complexity – The latest software for defining lattice structures and metamaterials, along with the machine/process/material interactions to tune part performance.
  • Keynote – Ronald Rael of Muddy Robots, exploring robotic 3D printing at architectural scale with site-specific materials and design.
Day 2 – Thursday June 15th
  • Educating the Human in the Loop – Education and workforce development from design constraints to training for high performance.
  • Matter Made with Math – Applications as diverse as medical implants to rocket science, Mycelia-tending robots to pure math explorations.
  • Digital in a Material World – While digital design is the world of bits and simulation, manufacturing is atoms and physics; this series of presentations explores how the digital can predict and create the physical.
  • AI, Data + Design – Exploring the realities of implementing AI in engineering after the hype, with capturing, synthesizing, training, and applying data for design and engineering, along with how teams of engineers collaborate with AI.
  • Closing Keynote by Neil Gershenfeld on the Roadmap to Replicators.

The full schedule is now available, though final timings may change.

Register now to secure your tickets, as space is limited and tickets are selling fast. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the future of computational design and advanced manufacturing.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our generous sponsors for their invaluable support in making the CDFAM Computational Design (+DfAM) Symposium a reality. Their commitment to innovation and collaboration in the field of computational design has contributed to the success of this event. Thank you for helping us bring together leading experts, fostering important discussions, and driving the future of computational design and digital fabrication forward.

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