The schedule for the CDFAM 23 NYC includes a mix of keynote presentations, panel discussions, and software demo sessions. All sessions will be led by experts in the field of computational design and advanced manufacturing, and will provide attendees with valuable insights and information on the cutting edge of engineering practice and academia.

Please note that the schedule is subject to change. We will do our best to keep this page up-to-date with the latest information, but please subscribe and check back regularly for any updates.

June 14

Variations on a Theme9:00Onur Yuce Gun – New BalanceTBD
Variations on a Theme9:30Nathan Shirley – HPTBD
Variations on a Theme10:00Adam Wentworth – Mayo ClinicTBD
Biology10:30Break + Software DemosCaffeine
Mass in Space11:00Ryan McClelland – NASA Goddard Space Flight CenterGenerative Design & Digital Manufacturing at NASA Goddard
Mass in Space11:30Mark Burhop – SiemensTBD
Mass in Space12:00Ryan Carter – Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics LaboratoryTBD

Lunch Break and Networking

Tools of Discovery & Optimization1:00Armin Lohwasser – RafinexTBC
Tools of Discovery & Optimization1:30Software Speaker TBCTBC
Tools of Discovery & Optimization2:00Software Speaker TBCTBC
Biology2:30Break + Software DemosHydration
Collaborating with Complexity3:00Software Speaker TBCTBC
Collaborating with Complexity3:30Daniel Hambleton – MetafoldTBC
Collaborating with Complexity4:00Software Speaker TBCTBC
Keynote4:30Ron Rael – Emerging Objects – RAEL SAN FRATELLO – UC BerkleyTBC

Software Demos and Networking Event

June 15

Educating the Human in the Loop9:00Prof. Tim W. Simpson – Penn StateTBC
Educating the Human in the Loop9:30Prof. A. John Hart – MITTBC
Educating the Human in the Loop10:00DfAM Education PanelTBC
Biology10:30Break + Software DemosCaffeine
Matter Made with Math11:00Matt Shomper – Marle TangibleComputational Mapping of Biomimetic Structures in Response to External Loading Conditions
Matter Made with Math11:30Josefine Lissner – Leap71The next phase of Computational Design: On Codifying Engineering Knowledge and Building J.A.R.V.I.S
Matter Made with Math12:00Speaker TBCTBC

Lunch Break and Networking

Digital in a Material World1:00Justine Trubey – Citrine InformaticsTBC
Digital in a Material World1:30Behrooz Jalalahmadi – Sentient ScienceTBC
Digital in a Material World2:00Alex C Roschli – Oak Ridge National LaboratoryTBC
Biology2:30Break + Software DemosHydration
AI, Data + Design3:00Chris McComb – CornellDesign for Artificial Intelligence: A Force Multiplier for Additive Manufacturing
AI, Data + Design3:30Francis Bitonti – Lexset AITBC
AI, Data + Design4:00Rhushik Matroja – Cognitive Design SystemsTBC
Keynote4:30Closing KeynoteTBC

Are you interested in being a part of CDFAM 23 NYC?

We are always looking for new voices and perspectives to add to our lineup of speakers and panelists. If you are an expert in computational design and have something valuable to share with our attendees, we encourage you to get in touch with us.