CDFAM,Computational Design Symposium,Berlin

Announcing AXICA as Venue for CDFAM 24 Berlin.

CDFAM 24 Berlin Computational Design Symposium will take place May 7-8, 2024 at AXICA, in the heart of Berlin on the Pariser Platz by the historic Brandenburg Gate.

The Forum Space at AXICA, a creation of Frank Gehry, was completed in 2001 and is a testament to his distinctive architectural style. It showcases asymmetrical, biomorphic shapes with a sleek finish of over 100 brushed stainless-steel plates. The space is bathed in natural light streaming through a tessellated glass roof into the conference area. This modern interior is juxtaposed with the DZ Bank’s uber-conservative exterior, situated in a prime location adjacent to the US Embassy and the Brandenburg Gate.

CDFAM,Computational Design Symposium,Berlin

The presentation space features a state-of-the-art PA system with sound-optimized wooden wall panels and carpeting ensuring all presentations will be clearly audible along with a large LED screen for visuals and super compelling powerpoint presentations from the presenters during the 2-day schedule.

CDFAM,Computational Design Symposium,Berlin

The Forum Floor and the Lower Foyer area offer a generous amount of space, ensuring ample room for attendees to connect during breaks and at networking events. These areas are also well-suited for hosting software demonstrations. The Gehry Lounge has been designated as a comfortable green room that will provide a private and relaxing space for presenters to prepare last minute slides, and then unwind.

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CDFAM,Computational Design Symposium,Berlin

We are super excited to be hosting the first European edition of the CDFAM Computational Design Symposium series in such an inspiring space with serious Star Wars Imperial Guard colour schemes and decor.

CDFAM,Computational Design Symposium,Berlin

While the schedule is under development and we are still accepting submissions for participation, the speaker line up is already starting to fill out with some super exciting presentations from leading computational design experts from NASA, Arup, DTU, Carbon, New Balance and much more to be announced.

You can take advantage of early bird ticket pricing now to secure your place at what promises to be an informative and inspiring event with the opportunity to network with leading experts from design, engineering and academia.

For an indication of the quality of presentations you can expect at the event an archive of all presentations from CDFAM 23 NYC and the schedule are available for you to review along with interviews with many of the presenters.



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CDFAM,Computational Design Symposium,Berlin

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